2023 Yacht Survey Services Rates: Ensuring a Smooth Sailing Experience

If you're considering purchasing or selling a yacht in 2023, it's crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the vessel's condition, value, and potential risks. Yacht survey services play a vital role in assessing a yacht's seaworthiness, safety, and overall condition. This web page post will provide an overview of yacht survey service rates in 2023, helping you make an informed decision and ensuring a smooth sailing experience.

  • Pre-Purchase Survey: A pre-purchase survey is a comprehensive inspection before buying a yacht. It thoroughly examines the vessel's structural integrity, systems, equipment, and overall condition. The surveyor provides a detailed report highlighting any existing issues or potential problems. The rates for pre-purchase surveys can vary based on the yacht's size, type, and complexity. On average, you can expect to pay between €23 to €28 per linear foot of the vessel's length. Additional charges may apply for specialized equipment or access to remote locations.
  • Condition and Valuation Survey: A condition and valuation survey is typically conducted for insurance purposes, refinancing, or establishing an accurate market value of the yacht. This survey assesses the vessel's overall condition, equipment functionality, and safety compliance. The rates for condition and valuation surveys are often similar to pre-purchase surveys, ranging between €20 to €30 per linear foot. The specific requirements and purpose of the survey may influence the pricing.

  • Insurance Survey: Insurance companies typically require a survey to determine the yacht's insurability and associated risks. Insurance surveys primarily focus on safety, compliance with industry standards, and overall condition. The rates for insurance surveys are typically lower than pre-purchase or condition and valuation surveys and can range from €20 to €22 per linear foot.
  • Damage or Accident Survey: In the unfortunate event of a damage or accident, a specialized survey may be necessary to assess the extent of the damage, recommend repairs, and estimate the associated costs. The rates for damage or accident surveys can vary based on the incident's severity and the evaluation's complexity. It is advisable to consult with surveyors or marine experts for accurate pricing based on your specific circumstances.
  • Additional Services: 
    • Diagnostic reports: Cummins, Caterpillar, Yanmar, John Deere, Detroit DDCE, MAN, MTU, Scania, MerCruiser, Mercury, Yamaha, Volvo-Penta & Crusader. Rate: Per Quote.

    • Compression Tests: Rate: Per Quote

    • Drive by Evaluation (Ideal for out-of-state buyers who want to know the general condition of the vessel before pursuing a full survey): Rate: €150 per hour plus travel

    • Expert Witness: Rate: €150 per hour plus travel

    • Vessel Revisit: Rate: €250

    • Vessel Walk Through (No Report, Just Visual Inspection & Verbal Recommendations): Rate: €150 per hour

    • Oil Sample Analysis and report: Rate: €170 per sample, expedited shipping to an approved laboratory included.

    • Deliveries: Rate: Per Quote

    • Orientations: Rate: Per Quote

    • Specialized High-End Appraisal: Rate: Per Quote

  • Yacht Consulting Services:
    • Yacht Management, including scheduled visits, starting and running engines, checking lines, fenders, inspecting bilge area, system testing, etc. (Ideal for out-of-town boat owners):Rate: Per Quote

    • Yacht Project Management:Rate: Per Quote

    • Orientations: Rate: Per Quote


Obtaining professional yacht survey services is essential for a seamless and informed yacht purchasing, insuring, or evaluating process. The rates for yacht survey services in 2023 vary depending on the specific type of survey and vessel size. In addition to standard surveys, specialized evaluations, diagnostic reports, orientations, and consulting services are available to cater to your unique needs. When considering yacht survey services, contacting the service providers directly for accurate and up-to-date pricing information is recommended. With the assistance of experienced surveyors and consultants, you can ensure the safety, value, and overall satisfaction of your yacht experience.


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